It’s not game 5 of the NLDS with the Nats, but it is going to hurt for a while. I’m not expecting anyone to get over this any time today. The Washington Redskins are no longer in the 2013 NFL Playoffs. All I can say is THANK YOU SKINS.

It was disappointing being at the game, it was even more disappointing watching the highlights at home. That’s the thing about not having the commentators and camera operators showing you the bigger picture. Aside from the hobbling on the nine-yard run, I had no idea that Griffin was having issues on the field. I didn’t see Griffin being taken back to the examination room in the first quarter.

When I learned about all this, how could I not get madder than I already was? Why didn’t Shanahan take Griffin out right there? Why not put Kirk in the game with a 14-3 lead? I know that Griffin said he could go and Shanahan liked the idea of keeping the better man in, but this all goes back to Griffin being OUR FRANCHISE quarterback in his first season. We might have been in a “win or go home” situation, but the kid is in his first year of his pro career that we are hoping for another 10+ years in. Kirk could have kept the lead and I think he could have won that game for us. Now Griffin has a partially torn LCL and some tear in the ACL as well. Griffin will be under the knife today in the start of his complete reconstruction of his knee. This is the second major surgery he will be going through in the same knee since his playing days in Baylor.

Either way, what’s done is done. The season is over and I am not mad at all that it is. When this season started, I had us going .500 and our team goal being to beat that by winning 10-games. The Redskins exceeded my expectations. They may have started really shaky with the 3-6 start before the bye, but they finished strong. They saw their opportunity with the NFC East lapsing around them. The coaching staff got better in terms of decision-making, the team came together to produce the number one rushing attack in the NFL and they took advantage of the remaining schedule to win the division.

For this reason, I want to thank the Redskins organization. Griffin said it best last night, “We actually got a chance to sit at the dinner table and experience success, and it was a good meal, but now we want to go back and get dessert, and we’ll be ready to get dessert next year.”

You guys gave us a good season this year and we are all looking forward to the 2013 season opener.

LET’S GO CAPS! (NHL lockout ended just in time, I thought we were going to have to depend on the Wizards to entertain us now)

P.S Shout out to all those fans that are Redskins’ HATERS that were waiting for the clock to hit 0:00 to post all these dumb pictures and posts, these pictures are for you from our loyal fans.

On behalf of @FmWSl we want to wish Robert Griffin III good luck on his surgery today and a speedy recovery.